Here’s How to Choose Quality Dress Shoes for Men

Image result for Quality Dress Shoes for MenThey say that a man’s shoe tells a lot about him, hence every man should be concerned with the shoes he wears. A pair of shoes of fine quality speaks well of a man and gives him class that makes him stand out in a more about how to choose  quality shoes for men at Men’s dress shoes are available in different styles and quality, and the following are the things to check to ensure that the pair of dress shoes which you select is of excellent quality.
Dress shoes for men are made of leather. The quality in leather differs, and the best is the one made from calfskin since it has fewer blemishes or scars. All leather hides do have those which are hidden with sealant products. The fewer scars a hide has, the more expensive the leather. If the dress shoes you seem to be interested in does have a smooth and polished finish, it is likely to have a high amount of blemishes. However, the best quality lies in those which have the same effect without touch-ups. This can be difficult to assess, so you should focus more on the construction of the shoe.
High-quality men’s dress shoes have leather insoles which are breathable and absorbent of perspiration. They are more durable than the cardboards which are used as alternatives.for more info about quality shoes for men click here .The lining of the dress shoes should be smooth at the folds around the seams and edges. Select a pair of shoes with a fine and flawless stitch or binding because this defines the quality of the shoes.
The stitching of the dress shoes is essential as well.  Excellent stitching on dress shoes should be as inconspicuous as possible and concealed from the top to the bottom. There should be no exposed knots on the inside, and the welt finishing on the sole should not have any visible loose ends.
Quality dress shoes should have leather soles to keep up with a man’s activity and prevent aging fast. The soles are usually tanned to make them more durable. They can be made into several layers to suit various preferences and formal dressing. Ensure that they are closely shaped to the foot for comfort and that they are not glued to the shoe to enable their replacement when they are worn out.
The heels of men’s dress shoes are made of layers of leather which are layered and nailed together with brass pins. To make them more durable, some heels are attached with brass tucks to the sole. Make sure that the heel of the dress shoe you want to buy is not oversized as it affects balance and can make walking uncomfortable.Please learn more about how to choose quality shoes for men at

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